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About The Company

Future Gate LLC is a one-stop service establishment, assisting company formation, operations, and in-country employee processes such as immigration, family sponsorship, licensing, permits, payroll and many more. Established in 2000, Future gate has been providing services in the State of Qatar for over two decades.

We provide reliable and timely assistance to international companies offering services comprising of business set-up, legal compliance, immigration services and translation services to both government and private sector clients to help ease companies’ legalization and operations purposes. We aim to simplify processes which can delay corporate development through our knowledge and comprehension of local laws, regulation, and practice.

At Future Gate, we are committed to ensuring that every company, business, and enterprise opening or migrating to Qatar, including their personnel and families, are offered a 5-star service.

Member of FutureGate

Anas Outa Bashi
Managing Director